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Our showroom is a space for connection and collaboration. Explore our thoughtfully curated selection of Cresta Bledsoe Fine Jewelry in our showroom, in addition to a few of our favorite brands. From small scale clothing designers, to home decor to jewelry boxes,  our knowlegeable team is here to welcome you with warmth and expertise. See below to explore some incredible brands to discover at Cresta Bledsoe Studio.

  • Love Binetti

    Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Diego Binetti ’s unique and ever changing vision has influenced fashion across the globe. The Binetti Collection launched in 2001, and the sister collection, Love Binetti, launched in 2001. Based out of Sag Harbour NY and Palm Beach FL, LOVE Binetti line caters to the traveller and nomad by heart; the modern girl with that city-slicker edge.

  • Bettina Bakdal

    Cresta Bledsoe Studio is one of the few boutiques in the world that carries Bettina Bakdal. Handmade in Copenhagen, the Danish designer sources vintage Italian and French silk scarves and textiles, creating unique, one-of-a-kind garments. Bettina’s eponymous line came from her passion for slowing down the fashion industry, and her desire to freely express herself in fashion design.

  • Royal Native

    From the north shores of Long Island NY was born Royal Native from designer Hilary Star de Roy in 2013. Best known for their gorgeous terry cloth towel jackets and shorts, every garment is handmade from recycled vintage towels and textiles. Everything is cut and sewn by a family owned factory in the NYC garment district and made in small batches, often times one-of-a-kind. 

  • Kerry Cassill

    While traveling in the 90's, Kerry Cassill discovered Indian block printed cotton at a Paris boutique, sparking the beginning of her beautiful 30 year journey with textiles. The KC line has become a lifestyle brand, consisting of apparel and homewares, from the softest imaginable quilt to the perfect vacation kaftan.

  • Trove Jewelry Box

    A Trove piece will make connecting with and caring for your jewels and precious objects a pleasure. Taking inspiration from antique jewelry boxes, and painstakingly crafted by hand, each Trove piece is a contemporary take on a long forgotten art form. All Trove items are proudly designed in Melbourne, Australia and their boxes are crafted in China using traditional Lacquerware methods. 

  • Van Dang Fragrances

    From Kim Van Dang, the line Van Dang is a fragrance collection for this moment, that connects you to the universe and helps you manifest your dreams. From diffusers, candles, and crystal meditation sets, Van Dang Fragrances will heighten your senses and your connection to the universe. 

  • Alfareria la Nava

    Alfareria la Nava, handcrafted ceramics from the east coast Spain, has been bringing “the beauty and harmony of the Mediterranean into your home since 1754”. La Navà continues today at the hands of brothers Luis and Pau Vicedo Mollà, the eighth generation in the trade.

  • Urban Nature Culture

    Curating ancient techniques and art, in harmony with nature, is one of the most important goals in Anne Marie Herman’s life, which is why she created Urban Nature Culture. UNC is a home and lifestyle brand that continuously challenges her – wondering about ways to add better value to our planet and its inhabitants, us people.

  • Polli Pots

    Polli Pots is a  Danish Scandanavian pottery and ceramics line that is nature inspired and organic. Eeli-Ethel Polli is the 3rd generation of a family of famed artists from Estonia. Eeli creates with unique wheel thrown and hand-built ceramics in small series, each with a hand painted unique pattern