reimagine your heirloom jewels

Give your heirloom jewels new life by reworking them into something you want to wear today and everyday. Whether it's reworking your great-grandmother's broche into a modern pendant, or resetting heirloom diamonds into an engagement ring...

how it works

This involves an intimate design service with Cresta that analyzes and transforms your keepsakes that sit in a drawer, into fresh and modern pieces you’ll wear everyday.

First, we’ll look at your pieces that you have, and brainstorm new potential pieces that we can create based on your style. We can incorporate new jewels or gold to play into your vision too. Once we have an idea of what you want, we will start with a sketch, and go from there.

Pricing will depend on the complexity of the project, as well as what materials you are bringing vs what materials we will need to source. A price will be determined and agreed upon before the work begins on the custom piece.

ordering a handmade piece

Upon approval of the estimate, your journey with Cresta Bledsoe Fine Jewelry enters the meticulous design phase. With a deposit in place, our artisans commence detailed sketching, sourcing exquisite stones if needed, and commence fabrication.

This hands-on process is marked by continuous communication, ensuring your vision is translated flawlessly. For intricate designs, we offer the opportunity to review hand-carved wax models, guaranteeing every detail aligns with your expectations.

Production typically spans 6-8 weeks, tailored to the complexity of your bespoke piece.

Please feel free to reach out directly to our studio at 904.878.3346 or let us know a little about the project below: