Cresta Bledsoe

Best known for her published and award winning commercial interiors, textile, product and furniture designs, Cresta Bledsoe has turned her love of materials and form into a refined jewelry line for the discerning. Receiving accolades in every medium in which she has worked, the common thread of her work is to find the intrinsic beauty of a material or technology in a way that frames it anew.

The distinctive approach has created her own unmistakable brand of relaxed luxury. Cresta’s
coveted designs are always a fresh take on modern while remaining completely timeless- a unique dialogue between clean lines and organic forms, and an exploration of authenticity.

The debut jewelry collection clearly references her interior background with architectural pieces that have multi-use designs, planar lines, and a pared down aesthetic. She artfully merges modern shapes with nature. The results uniquely juxtaposes subtlety with rawness for effortless style.

Her nomadic childhood took her to all coasts of the states and abroad, which not only sparked her curiosity and passion for leaving no stone unturned, but set a path for her life of constant travel and a love of cultures. Cresta received a bachelor in interior design from Louisiana State University, while also studying Art History in Paris, and Product and Space Design at Institut D’Arts Visuels in Orleans, France. She and her husband currently split their time between Ponte Vedra Beach, Los Angeles, and Atlanta with her two children.